Direct Marketing Services

1. Yep, We Can Do That

"You need – what?" Words you won't hear at AKA Direct. Our full-service production arsenal is at your disposal. Tell us what you need done. Give us a challenge. We'll get it done or die tryin'.


2. We're Big Enough

AKA Direct is constantly growing in print and direct mail capability. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep up with the "big boys" when it comes to technology – and surpass them in quality of production and response rates.


3. We're Small Enough

The larger the ship, the slower it turns. Not here though. In spite of our growth, we've kept a "small" approach when it comes to attentive customer service and easy communication. You'll never feel like just a number with AKA Direct.


4. Get It Done Yesterday

With 24/7 streamlined production scheduling, we're ready to meet your urgent deadline. Need it now? We're on it! Need it yesterday? Wait till you see our time machine...



We MAKE money when we SAVE you money. How? Because we know that you'll love our service so much, you'll be back. No price gouging. Just great service at great prices.

6. free up your time

You have a lot on your plate. Having AKA Direct on your team means getting more done, better, faster and cheaper. We'll make you look good. And the boss is sure to notice.


7. Quality Pledge

Deadlines matter – but so do results. You shouldn't have to sacrifice either one. That's why we work hard to get your projects out the door – while taking the time to assure quality in the details.


8. Teamwork At Its Best

Have you ever worked with a team that has your back no matter what? Critical deadlines? We understand. Data that's flawed? We'll work with you to fix it. The shirt off our backs? We've done that too.



Many of our clients feel close enough to the company that they're like a true partner to us. We like that feeling. Today's business is about relationships and trust. AKA Direct has exemplified that philosophy for over 40 years.


10. Reputation Is Everything

Reputation alone is how AKA Direct continues to grow. It's a confidence we put on the line every day. How? By backing up everything we say and do for our clients. It's that important to us.